Corinth Tower Views August 2003
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Liverpool Football Club (110kb) Beetham Tower (101kb) Boundary Street (157kb) City Centre view (111kb)
County Road (164kb) Docks (help please - name?) (108kb) Docks (help please - name?) (110kb) Egremont view (117kb)
Everton Library and St George's Church (Shiel Rd flats in background) (114kb) Playing Fields (142kb) Fort Perch Rock view (85kb) Fort Perch Rock view (2) (61kb)
Everton Football Club (131kb) New Brighton view (89kb) Looking towards Rock Ferry (116kb) Scottie Road and Eldon views (156kb)
Seacombe Ferry view (106kb) Seaforth Docks (118kb) Shaw Street (121kb) Smith Street (133kb)
St Sylvester's (152kb) Tobacco Warehouse (137kb) The Two Cathedrals (98kb) Victoria Settlement (163kb)
Walton view (122kb) Everton Water Tower (104kb)